in our liberal land fag can mean cigarette as well as homosexual. hence lighting a fag is not the crule practice you americans might think.
i lit a fag on my way out of the house.
by fayth June 01, 2005
1. the cluttering up of Urban Dictionary with a homophobic joke overheard on a mainstream, corporate TV show

2. voting said definition up at the expense of definitions submitted in good faith by other people
"Oh how fag - that dude ruined urban Dictionary with that old, unoriginal Harley joke."
by Jockoramae January 31, 2010
1.An ignorant and/or arrogant douche bag

2.A term that homophobic teens use to describe gay people, or people acting homosexual
Ex. 1:While I was about to make a left turn, the light was turning yellow, but traffic kept on coming,the light turns red, and i thought it was my turn to go, but then some guy in a Hummer runs the fucking light and i cant make my turn. All I could think was"Fag."

Ex. 2:

by JizzyJan November 06, 2009


The action of farting into your hand, cupping slightly as to enclose the wonderful scent, then immediately moving said hand towards the face of your victim and open the hand.

FAG or F.A.G
by Snowman2010 September 01, 2009
girl 1: hey do you see that fag over there cheaking you out?
girl 2: yeah id do him any day
by ballatician250 July 08, 2009
1.Abbreviation from Fat and Gay, describing homosexual people who is being bullied by their parents and then turn into food to fill the hole in their stomach.

2.British slang for suicide sticks (promoted as cigarette because the word suicide may be offensive to people who did/tried to kill themselves)

3.Any person that commits a behavior that is considered unpopular by boys with self-esteem issues.
1. Teacher: Oh My God! What happened to Micheal?
Student: Oh it's normal. Before he was GAP (Gay and Proud) but then he became PHAT (Pro-Hitler and Team) so now he's a FAG.

2. British 1: Hey, you got a fag?
British 2: Nah, it's a waste of money and time. Better to jump off a building.

3. Student 1: Oh My God, he can read. He's such a fag.
Student 2: I know. If u read you can go blind!

by semaca January 10, 2009
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