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a stick
To keep the fire going, we threw some fags in the fire
by Borat69 September 19, 2008
1. Short for faggot when refering to stupid idiots like Cloud Strife and George W. Bush

2. Used by the British to mean cigarettes

3. Dirty word for Gay men.
1.Sephiroth: "Cloud is a FAG!"

Cloud to Zack Fair: "Sephy's stupid!"

2.Wanna Fag?

3. Did you see that fundie wearing the T-shirt, "God Hates Fags?"

by Sasquatch_Rebel May 05, 2008
An offensive term for a gay man, and the word used to refer to cigarettes in Britain, but also a word that may also be used lightly by one gay man referring to another. Being reclaimed in the spirit of "queer."
Pete: Hey, that Johnny's hawt! If only he was a fag!
Ash: Haven't you heard? He's at not at this bar just for kicks!
Pete: No way!
Ash: Way!
Pete: I'm gonna buy that Mary a drink!
by miseryesunamariposa December 08, 2006
in our liberal land fag can mean cigarette as well as homosexual. hence lighting a fag is not the crule practice you americans might think.
i lit a fag on my way out of the house.
by fayth June 01, 2005
1. the cluttering up of Urban Dictionary with a homophobic joke overheard on a mainstream, corporate TV show

2. voting said definition up at the expense of definitions submitted in good faith by other people
"Oh how fag - that dude ruined urban Dictionary with that old, unoriginal Harley joke."
by Jockoramae January 31, 2010
to post a South Park joke as a definition for "fag."
Spamming up Urban Dictionary with copies of a stupid "fag" joke is really faggish.
by Wafflebakessettessies January 30, 2010
fag(n)- an extremely annoying, inconsiderate person most commonly associated with harley riders; a person who owns or frequently rides a harley
Why is it that everytime we try to enjoy a relaxing day those fags have to ruin it with their harley motorcycles
by tweezy beezy November 16, 2009