1.A word unconsciously used to insult a person(not homosexually).
2.A word used to insinuate that someone straight is gay
(or to just discribe and verbally hurt an actuall Homosexuall.
3.A cigarette.
EX1)John:"Dude did you buy the new game?"
Person:"No man, i didn't"
John:"(in a calm, low voiced way) Haha, what a fag"

EX2)Person:"Man, those Subway meatballs are great man!"
John:"(Gives him a wierd look) Fag"
Person:"Geez man not like that"
1. British slang word for cigarette.

2. Truncation of faggot, which is a derogatory term for a homosexual individual. Usually refers to a male person.

Person 1: Hey. Want a fag?

Person 2: Sure.

*They both start smoking.


Person 1: Hi. Want to be my boyfriend?

Person: Eww. NO! Get away from me you fucking fag!
by King of Inland October 14, 2007
Has quite a few meanings.
British slang for cigarette.
Another term for a homosexual.
And a few others.
"I'd kill my little brother if i saw him with a fag in his hand"

"Which sort?"

by Despirer August 22, 2007
The most epic and immense word ever.
Refers to absolutely anyone, whether you like them or not.
Grace: ya fag
Ali: ya fag
by HsPf August 10, 2007
to post a homophobic joke from a cartoon on to Urban Dictionary
It is really fag to call Harley riders "fags," even if the TV box told you it was funny.
by Grasstoppes January 31, 2010
to repeatedly vote up a homophobic definition of "fag" based on a South Park joke
It was quite fag of him to spend his afternoon voting his dorkish definitions of "fag" up on urban Dictionary.
by Keighlies January 31, 2010
to ruin Urban Dictionary by inundating it with copies of a South Park joke
"Ha ha. Fag joke. I must spend my life promoting the genius of corporate America by posting a fag joke about Harley riders over and over again," thought the unfunny, mindless, uncreative dork.
by Erbittleik January 23, 2010

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