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This word is usually known to be a bundle of sticks. But in reality it is really a code word for an annoyingly loud obnoxious guy named Joe.
"Like OhmmmGee I got another boy toy. Wootwoot. High five."
"Fag shut up already we don’t care about you’re effin guys that you fuck in the ass!”
by brandedpaper February 20, 2009
1. Britspeak for cigarettes

2. A derisive term for homosexual males
Ello mate! Could you spare a fag?
by queen_azure February 13, 2008
A short stick. Reason why cigaretts are sometimes called fags in England. It is sometimes attributed homosexuals, implying gay people have small dicks, but can be used as an insult to pretty much any guy.
James: Give us a fag
Mike: Get your own

James: The guy susan is dating is such a fag
Mike: He's a prick
by Vicente B. da Camara February 07, 2008
a small stick used to relax and calm stress (ciggerette)
dude do u want a fag
by tom clayton August 17, 2007
1.word used to describe anything or anybody unliked by you.
2. can also be used in any word to empahsize how bad what you are talking about it is.
1. you're such a fag, i cant believe you told those fags about my thoughts regarding them.
2. - hey man, did you watch fear factor last night?
- no, i hate fear FAGtor
by stef from sudz March 31, 2007
A man, usually in a position of power, who has sex with other men, while maintaining a heterosexual facade, usually by marrying a woman, and who uses his position of power and his self-hatred to demean and spread hate of lesbians and gay men.
Larry Craig is such a FAG.
by Out and Proud in NYC November 07, 2009
An abbreviated version of the word Faggot.
1. British Slang for a Cigarette
2. Old Slang for a Bundle of Sticks
3. A Pejorative term for a Homosexual, Bisexual, or Transgender Person.
4. An Annoying, Loud, Abnoxious Douchebag.
5. A Harley Rider.
"Dude, that Fag has a lame ass Bike."

"Dude, Look at that Fag revving his shitty BMW"
by AnasaziTribal November 04, 2009