Contrary to what many people here think, fag is a word that doesn't really apply to gays anymore. A fag is just someone that is really annoying. Just because someone says fag it doesn't mean they are homophobic, it just means that they are referring to someone stupid. It is similar to how people say "dumb". You don't have to literally be unable to talk to be dumb. If you saw the latest South Park you would understand. Many gays aren't fags, but many straight people are. Peace.
Homophobes are fags

Quit being such a fag

Harley riders are fags
by funkmastauno November 04, 2009
An annoying inconsiderate douchebag - rarely now used to refer to actual gay people.
Kyle: "You're at a red light trying to turn left, and the light turns yellow. It should be your turn, right? But the traffic keeps coming, and it stop stops you from making your left turn. Finally the light turns red, but someone in a BMW speeds by, running the red light, and stopping you again from making your left turn. What goes through your mind?"
Judge: "Fag..."
by zxrax November 04, 2009
1. A cigarette
2. A homosexual man
Guy 1: Yo. Do you have a fag?
Guy 2: Which kind?
Guy 1: What's the difference. You can suck on both of them.
by suck ma jewce March 31, 2009
normal-people language for a cigarette
10 year old chav: gis a fag
me: no
10 year old chav: well at least gis a drag!
me: no, get your own bloody fags!
by s9uit October 14, 2007
1. a derogatory term for homosexual.

2. in the vocabulary of the immature and ignorant, a term used for anyone they don't like -whether the subject is really gay or not. To such people, all people not like them are "liberals" or "fags".

3. in earlier times, to smoke
1. Donald: Greg Bottle is a fag.
Pete: If you call him a fag, he will beat your ass!

2. Anna: Bruce Springsteen and John McCain are liberal fags!
Erica: That just shows your high-school mentality.
You remind me of some punk-ass brat I knew in first grade that called everyone a "motherfucker". He had no idea what the word meant. Grow up and shut up!

3. Aaron: Mrs. Pinklon was fagging on them cigarets in the gym again.
by Jim Jupiter June 21, 2006
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