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A guy who likes other guys.
A guy who likes to take it up the poop shoot.
A guy who loves to tea bag other guys.
Skitzo (aka; plague, plagu3) you are serious fag, but we like you anyways.
by Dr.Prox August 29, 2007
A known-to-be heterosexual male who has just performed an action one would consider to be homoerotic in nature, usually for the sake of comedy. So, in the moments following said action, it is perfectly ok to call this person a "fag".

It is not ok to use the word "fag" in reference to an actual homosexual, as it is not only quite rude but also an incorrect use of the word.
Correct use:
Bob, Dave and some friends are hanging out.
Bob grabs Dave's butt.
Dave: "Awe, you fag!"
Bob and friends laugh.

Incorrect use:
Bob sees Elton John kiss a man on tv.
Bob: "Awe man, what a fag!"
Dave: "No dude, Sir Elton is gay."
Bob: "Oh. My bad."
by milkymilkycocopuff April 10, 2011
A homosexual man who enjoys fucking other men up the ass. A person who is sexually attracted to other men and desires their bodies. Men who love men.
I was in the closet until I met my best friend and lover S. Vitale on the internet and finally came to the conclusion I was a fag.
by Mikey Rehmeyer January 13, 2008
Someone who turns a normally civil conversation or situation into something unpleasant or troublesome.
Example 1

Disgruntled guy: Well I just got off work and I'm about to head home, so...
Homeless guy: Hey man could you give me a dollar
Disgruntled guy: Fuck off ya fag

Example 2

Tim: John go get me a root beer
John: You can probably get up and get it yourself
Tim: Dude... don't be a fag
John: Don't call me a fag you ass master
by Balfdor June 21, 2006
1. A queer person who likes dick!
Dude, Wayne is such a fag.
by sexy turtle May 23, 2005
A fag is a shortened form of faggot... not motorcyclists... whoever macroed that defintion to the top is a dumbass.
1: Haha look at the fag over there with his motorcycle.

2: No, a fag is a faggot.
by babtothebone August 02, 2011
a homosexual person or thing.
dude per edstrom is such a fag!
that movie was wicked fag.
why are you doing that, it so fag.
by on12345 November 01, 2009