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An acronym standing for Feminine Acting Guy (gay). Used to refer to someone in a negative way.

you can add the suffix: -got- to form the word Faggot. it means pretty much the same thing, albeit a bit more colorful
"That guy is such a fag, look at his v neck shirt!"

"Dude, you are such a faggot!"
by n00baliciousgrapist December 01, 2009
95 81
Somebody who wears a tapout shirt. A fag is also very likely to drink keystone.
I don't go to house parties anymore because they're full of fags.
by successfulheterosexual June 13, 2010
61 58
a person with no originality and no life who spends his time submitting identical definitions for "fag" on Urban Dictionary. This person is breaking Urban Dictionary's rules, but more importantly is ruining an otherwise useful online tool. Speaking of "tool," this person is a tool of Comedy Central, owned by MTV, owned by Viacom. Even the writers of South Park would think he was a stupid noob.
"fag" is not funny just because you are repeating a South Park joke by rote. At long last, Sir, have you no original thoughts? Is your life really that pathetic? You might as well be inspired by a wacky commercial and spend your time advertising New Coke. You Sir, are an idiot.
by Dreck December 22, 2009
310 306
A simple acronym for Filipino-American Gangstas. Filipino-American Gangstas only relates to Filipinos who like to pretend they are black.
That F.A.G. thinks he's so good at basketball, but everyone knows he can't even reach net.
by Rubeezy April 24, 2009
69 65
a homo
kely clarkson is a fucking fag
by wtfffnigaaa January 10, 2009
99 95
Friends. Against. Guy. Sluts.
My friends and I are fags. (:
by Holly Hammertime January 07, 2008
51 46
A term used to describe individuals who are confused about the world, not realizing that their (gay) sexual tendencies are wrong and something to be ashamed of.
Considered to be a mental illness.
John - Pratt's parents sent him to a camp to get fixed
Sam - He's a fag? Ew
by Infernator December 31, 2007
108 107