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A man who enjoys sex with other men.
Stickman is a fag, he enjoys sex with men.
by 1111dirk June 17, 2008
109 90
a guy who wears hollister
look at that prep wearin ghollister, what a fag.
by yousuckbigfatcock October 09, 2008
109 93
A slang, often affensive word for "homosexual". They mean the same thing, fag just sounds funnier.
Joe says: blehh i think i like boys
Lucas says: you fag! gah!
by Loobas Johanson July 10, 2008
111 95
to repeatedly post a Viacom joke about Harley riders as a definition of the word "fag."
Fag jokes aren't funny, even if your corporate bosses say they are.
by Jockoramasses January 31, 2010
100 88
Most people know the word FAG as a homo or gay, gaylord. Well, half of you are wrong. This word actually means a gay, homo, gaylord, faggot, bastard.
Yo, our Chinese teacher is such a FAG

Hey, stop fucking your dad you FAG
by Boblily March 08, 2008
124 110
A man who is sexually attracted to other men. A man who has sex with another man. A person who thinks men are sexy.
m. Rehmeyer and S. Vitale became boyfriend/boyfriend after meeting online. Some call us fags but we prefer homosexual.
by Balb January 13, 2008
113 100
to post the same dumb South Park joke to Urban Dictionary over & over again
It's really annoying and inconsiderate to fag up Urban Dictionary with some stupid TV joke about Harley riders.
by trooey January 24, 2010
109 98