An acronym standing for Feminine Acting Guy (gay). Used to refer to someone in a negative way.

you can add the suffix: -got- to form the word Faggot. it means pretty much the same thing, albeit a bit more colorful
"That guy is such a fag, look at his v neck shirt!"

"Dude, you are such a faggot!"
by n00baliciousgrapist December 01, 2009
a gay bitch, who sucks dick and takes it up the ass. a fag can usually be found in its natural habitat of the school bathroom where the fag sucks another's dick or penetrates the anus of the helpless victim. a fag may also receive a golden shower for pleasure, and may often lick or drink the excess urine after.
that new kid is such a fag
by biggus dickus 69 September 16, 2014
to repeatedly post a Viacom joke about Harley riders as a definition of the word "fag."
Fag jokes aren't funny, even if your corporate bosses say they are.
by Jockoramasses January 31, 2010
to post the same dumb South Park joke to Urban Dictionary over & over again
It's really annoying and inconsiderate to fag up Urban Dictionary with some stupid TV joke about Harley riders.
by trooey January 24, 2010
Somebody who wears a tapout shirt. A fag is also very likely to drink keystone.
I don't go to house parties anymore because they're full of fags.
by successfulheterosexual June 13, 2010
A simple acronym for Filipino-American Gangstas. Filipino-American Gangstas only relates to Filipinos who like to pretend they are black.
That F.A.G. thinks he's so good at basketball, but everyone knows he can't even reach net.
by Rubeezy April 24, 2009
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