Fag means gay. Justin Bieber is a perfect definition of fag. You can also call a gay: COCKBOY.
Stop doing that you fag.
Justin Bieber.
by Avenged sevenfold 10 November 23, 2011
A slang, often affensive word for "homosexual". They mean the same thing, fag just sounds funnier.
Joe says: blehh i think i like boys
Lucas says: you fag! gah!
by Loobas Johanson July 10, 2008
A man who is sexually attracted to other men. A man who has sex with another man. A person who thinks men are sexy.
m. Rehmeyer and S. Vitale became boyfriend/boyfriend after meeting online. Some call us fags but we prefer homosexual.
by Balb January 13, 2008
Most people know the word FAG as a homo or gay, gaylord. Well, half of you are wrong. This word actually means a gay, homo, gaylord, faggot, bastard.
Yo, our Chinese teacher is such a FAG

Hey, stop fucking your dad you FAG
by Boblily March 08, 2008
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