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1) Originally referred only to a homosexual male; now it is a generic term of contempt, roughly equivalent to, "I'm a better man than you are and, on a side note, you look somewhat effeminate!"
2) Also a general term of endearment between bros

Interchangeable with faggot
1) (impatiently in a crowd) "Get out of my way, fag!"
2) (as friend shows up at bar for brewskis: "Yo, fag! Over here!"
by Cyberpope,Richmond,BC,Canada June 29, 2010
1. Noun, Slang, Used in the civilized areas of the United States to describe an undesirable individual.

2. Noun, Slang, Used to refer to homosexuals when speaking in jest.

3. Noun, British Slang, A Cigarette.
1. "I can't believe that guy just stole my bike. What a fag!"

2. "Man I sure love cigarettes."
"Yeah man I can tell you love sucking on those fags."

3. "Could I nick a fag?"
by Johnny Lovebottom November 05, 2009
an overly annoying person; one who annoys.
an obnoxious person = fag.
by You dont knowme December 12, 2009
a fag is the shortening of the word faggot. it is most often used to describe a group of revolting and mentally ill people called homosexuals.

it is also used by smart ass faggots as a term for cigarettes
1) normal guy: that fag is mentally confused

person: go buy some more fags
by deathdefier August 11, 2009
someone who is a faggot
you are a fuckin faggot, fag
by TYLERYYERTYER November 25, 2007
A guy who likes other guys.
A guy who likes to take it up the poop shoot.
A guy who loves to tea bag other guys.
Skitzo (aka; plague, plagu3) you are serious fag, but we like you anyways.
by Dr.Prox August 29, 2007
A known-to-be heterosexual male who has just performed an action one would consider to be homoerotic in nature, usually for the sake of comedy. So, in the moments following said action, it is perfectly ok to call this person a "fag".

It is not ok to use the word "fag" in reference to an actual homosexual, as it is not only quite rude but also an incorrect use of the word.
Correct use:
Bob, Dave and some friends are hanging out.
Bob grabs Dave's butt.
Dave: "Awe, you fag!"
Bob and friends laugh.

Incorrect use:
Bob sees Elton John kiss a man on tv.
Bob: "Awe man, what a fag!"
Dave: "No dude, Sir Elton is gay."
Bob: "Oh. My bad."
by milkymilkycocopuff April 10, 2011
One that is inconsiderate and a fucking douche
Look at that fag with his collar poped
by EFG1221 November 13, 2009