an episode of south park renames the word "fag" to mean obnoxious harley riders. These "fags" ruin people's good time because they're attention whores. They interrupt everything they can with their loud and "cool" motorcycles.
Joe: what a bunch of fags!
Mike: hey! that is a very offensive word!
Joe: no, i mean obnoxious harley riders. Get with the times man!
by MABBAM!12 November 25, 2009
A gay person, though recently people have been using it as an insult.
Tyler_the_baller is the biggest fag you could ever imagine, he likes cock.
by vicrattleheadd August 20, 2010
1. an inconsiderate bastard.

2. attention whores
Look at that fag on that Harley.
by beansk8rkid November 11, 2009
a number of homosexual persons. also a britsh term for a smokes
look at all those fags there's a lot fo gay going on over there . or look at john he's smoking a fag. Man i thought john was gay but i mean come on sleeping all those fags that's kinda pushing it if you know what i mean
by flip December 06, 2002
1.) Sparkling, retarded, emo vampires. Such as one Edward Cullen (Found in Tw*light series).

2.) Anybody who likes aforementioned sparkling "vampires"
Person X: Wow, I just got out of Twilight, and I LOVED it!!! I love Edward Cullen!!
Person Y: Wow, you are such a fag! Which makes you perfect for Edward Cullen, 'cause he's a fag too. (walks away)
by hp forever December 16, 2009
a "Fucking Awesome Girlfriend."
ie., I'm about to go out with my fag.
by goblinhats October 21, 2003
dork who posts fag unfunny joke about Harley riders
the fag joke is old, and it's annoying & inconsiderate to flood urban dictionary with it, burying other people's defs.
by humbinger January 13, 2010
Fine Art Guys
You guys are fags!
by Not A Fine Art Guy September 09, 2008

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