an episode of south park renames the word "fag" to mean obnoxious harley riders. These "fags" ruin people's good time because they're attention whores. They interrupt everything they can with their loud and "cool" motorcycles.
Joe: what a bunch of fags!
Mike: hey! that is a very offensive word!
Joe: no, i mean obnoxious harley riders. Get with the times man!
by MABBAM!12 November 25, 2009
Fast And Gnarly, acrn., an outstanding achivement done by someone with great skill and abillity.
(F.A.G.) 60 seconds doing a keig stand? He's a true FAG awlright.
Did you hear how he/she slayed karaoke last night? They're so FAG.
by Evan Dreveskracht May 12, 2006
A fag is not just a loosely used homophobic slang term, but a lifestyle. Being a fag requires a lot of hard work and motivation! To be a fag, you must eat at least three pounds of sparkling pink sugar a day, style your hair into a vibrantly coloured mohawk, and buy the full Glee DVD/Blu-Ray box set IMMEDIATELY. And, whilst you do all of these fabulously flamboyant activities each day, you are required to listen to Lady Gaga on a pink iPod. (Purple iPods are also acceptable.) So, if you think you're up for this delightful challenge, just head on over to to get started. Good luck!

-The Worldwide Center for Frigging Fab Fags ;)

(Oh, and be ready for those crazy Christians yelling at you to "repent" or some shit.)
Are you up for the faaaaabulous fag challenge!? I sure as hell am!
by Sloppyjoemess December 02, 2011
1. A cigarette.
2. A loser, gay person.
Are you going outside for a fag?
Nahh a fart.
by raaaaaach November 27, 2011
Describes a girl who has a fine ass (Fine Ass Girl)
1. She's a real f.a.g.
2. I would like to get my hands on that f.a.g.
3. Uff what a f.a.g.
by phobx August 27, 2007
Acronym for Flailing Arms Girl. Often used as a derogatory term for an annoying bitch. See also Susan.
"Man, F.A.G. won't shut the fuck up today, I'm gonna slap her bitch box back to Canada."
by BobbyBill$ November 30, 2004
A word used, mainly in England, along with other parts of Europe, for cigarette.

It is NOT, or rather, SHOULD NOT, however, be used as a slur against homosexuals, nor people you do not like.
Hey, Arthur, can I have a fag? I ran out.
by MailmilejeevasNTA May 26, 2012
an annoying, inconsiderate asshole who floods Urban Dictionary with "fag" jokes he heard on South Park.
Calling some group of people "fags" just because you heard it on TV shows pretty low emotional intelligence.
by Erarron January 08, 2010

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