an episode of south park renames the word "fag" to mean obnoxious harley riders. These "fags" ruin people's good time because they're attention whores. They interrupt everything they can with their loud and "cool" motorcycles.
Joe: what a bunch of fags!
Mike: hey! that is a very offensive word!
Joe: no, i mean obnoxious harley riders. Get with the times man!
by MABBAM!12 November 25, 2009
Federation of All Gingers..... The frederation where gingers end the world in a fiery rage of red pubic hair, red head hair, and freckles.
R u in F.A.G.

yea i am

omg good bye world.
by Man of the day May 04, 2011
a famous punk / Alt band from Detroit which morphed from a previous Detroit punk / Alt band named Hoarse. Still performing and producing CD's.
I went to see the Fags play at the Metro last night and they rock.
by SteveW September 23, 2005
1. A title to be earned by a homosexual male or female who is a "Fabulously Attractive Gay."
2. In case of the inclusion of straight friends can be used to mean "Fake Attractive Gay"
"I'm such a F.A.G.!"

"Girl you is one hell of a F.A.G. You can get in my car?"
by FAGRICHELLE August 06, 2008
you: Hey whay are you guys together all the time?
them:because we are members of the "Fellas.Associated.Gang.Society"
you: cool can i join?
them: if you give us a dollar.
you: excellent! i cant wait to be part of the F.A.G.S!!!
by DataHead March 19, 2007
Acronym for Faggot Against Gays. It is a term used for closeted homosexuals who try to prove that they are a heterosexual.
John: Oy my God, you are such a fag Bill.
Bill (Gay): At least I'm not a F.A.G.!
John: I'm not Gay!!! Shut up, SHUT UP!!! (John goes away crying and running like a girl.)
by D$V November 03, 2006
Brit: hey, do you have a fag?
Other brit: yeah ,here...
Brit: thanks man
by Asaki... October 28, 2013
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