1. An extremely annoying, inconsiderate person most commonly associated with Harley riders.
2. A person who owns or frequently rides a Harley.
Wow, it sure is nice outside today without all those fags constantly riding up and down the street.
#faggot #fagget #fag #fagg #douche
by subaroo November 05, 2009
1. A term used to describe homosexual men.

2. A term used by some lesbian women. In this context it is used to describe a woman with a manish or butched up apperence, but with the attitude and manurisms of gay men.
Thomas: Yea lisa is gay look at what shes wearing basketball shorts and a wife beater.
Rick: But that lisp and that walk just scream fag.
#lez #gay #homo #faggot #lesbian
by Dykey July 11, 2008
A homosexual man who enjoys fucking other men up the ass. A person who is sexually attracted to other men and desires their bodies. Men who love men.
I was in the closet until I met my best friend and lover S. Vitale on the internet and finally came to the conclusion I was a fag.
#gay #homosexual #friends #lovers #queer
by Mikey Rehmeyer January 13, 2008
Someone who turns a normally civil conversation or situation into something unpleasant or troublesome.
Example 1

Disgruntled guy: Well I just got off work and I'm about to head home, so...
Homeless guy: Hey man could you give me a dollar
Disgruntled guy: Fuck off ya fag

Example 2

Tim: John go get me a root beer
John: You can probably get up and get it yourself
Tim: Dude... don't be a fag
John: Don't call me a fag you ass master
#rude #trouble #homo #twat #bitch
by Balfdor June 21, 2006
A fag is a shortened form of faggot... not motorcyclists... whoever macroed that defintion to the top is a dumbass.
1: Haha look at the fag over there with his motorcycle.

2: No, a fag is a faggot.
#fag #faggot #motorcycle #motorcyclist #dumbass
by babtothebone August 02, 2011
A guy who likes other guys.
A guy who likes to take it up the poop shoot.
A guy who loves to tea bag other guys.
Skitzo (aka; plague, plagu3) you are serious fag, but we like you anyways.
#fag #gay #skitzo #plague #plagu3 #pink #rainbow
by Dr.Prox August 29, 2007
a homosexual person or thing.
dude per edstrom is such a fag!
that movie was wicked fag.
why are you doing that, it so fag.
#homosexual #gay #faggot #homo #homoerotic
by on12345 November 01, 2009
a fag is the shortening of the word faggot. it is most often used to describe a group of revolting and mentally ill people called homosexuals.

it is also used by smart ass faggots as a term for cigarettes
1) normal guy: that fag is mentally confused

person: go buy some more fags
#fag #homo #retard #digusting #cigarette
by deathdefier August 11, 2009
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