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1)A complete explosion of utter queerness.
2)When a gay guy shits.
The maniger is not letting us play with the arcade games i think a complete fagbomb just landed on the movie theater, lets fuckin' book it!
by The Ninja II January 13, 2007
When you get everyone around you, including yourself, to text "fag" or "faggot" to a single person, 4-5 times. Works best with 5+ people.
"Ok everyone, we're gonna fag bomb Chris, get ready!"
by Jippyy March 30, 2009
A word used when something of huge faggotry goes Down
Guy 1: Yo Man wtf, Boris and Hossana were dumping on Kourosh's floor.

Guy 2: LOOOL they dropped a fagbomb on his birthday huh?
Guy 1: Ya, just like last year
by emfginbers May 20, 2010
1. a person, thing, or action that is extremely flamboyant and homosexual in nature.

2. dropping a lit cigarette from a balcony or elevated place onto someone or something.

"Dude, stop queerin' like a fag bomb"

"I feel bad that I fag bombed that guy walking..."
by teahupoo_karma October 22, 2008
A homosexual that is so gay that he causes surrounding hetrosexuals to turn gay.
1. Dude: Man did you here about kevin?
Other dude: NO, what?
Dude: All his friends that were straight are now turning gay....ughh
Other dude: I knew IT! I had a sneaking suspicion he was a Fag BOMB!!
by Denis Sousa June 22, 2006

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