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A person who is secretly gay that won't come out of the closet and constantly puts their hair in a spike like mohawk hair style
Stephanie:Hey you see Tom?

Katlyn:Oh yea couldn't miss him with his fag hawk
by Katieboo7 January 28, 2009
A hair style made 'famous' by douchebag Andrew Peron. Hair is just overall 'faggy'.

Also See:
-Douche Dew
-Hideous Hair
-Dookie Dougie
Andrew Peron Faghawk
by Andrew Peron January 06, 2010
A Mohawk that is worn laying over, with no moose or hair gel holding it up.
Brady's girlfriend gave him a Faghawk.
by FCoDxBolt March 11, 2009
When one has a mohawk, but severely rarely spikes it.
Brotha be so lazy, he dun spike his mohawk.
"Is that a fauxhawk?"
No, it's a fag hawk!
by Veronica Jean. August 20, 2006
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