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any time when a homosexual or metrosexual person flamboyantly erupts into a fit of glee and laughter over exciting news. And the room they're in become loud and unpleasant.

"Did you hear that Simmeon won tickets to 'Guys and Dolls'?

"Yeah, I was with him when he got the call, like someone set off a fag grenade in the room, he couldn't quit jumping up and down and yelling like a school girl"
by bal777 April 25, 2009
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A small tennis ball that is cut open and you fill it up with semen. You then put a small amount of dynamite inside.
You wire in a wick a wick and when you light it it will explode into globs of semen
Instead of a Molotov socktail, use a fag grenade.
by foooswagga-1 January 28, 2011

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