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Something that sits between two men at a restaurant, movie, or in a car. Can be a female or a tub of popcorn. The buffer prevents anyone from thinking the two males are "homos" and might be dating. Sometimes the fag buffer is actually a front so that two fags can go out and still be perceived as straight. The fag buffer usually gets a good meal, a movie and collects a lot of material for later extortion.
I went out with Bob and Gene last night and had to play fag buffer all evening. Straight men are so childish!
by Ferret Fan July 16, 2009

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A kid named terrin. s that when he was little his mom jumped over the dam border to get his little ass cause he is straight out of mexico the word fagbuffer was made well i guess when i made it up to make fun of his stinky ass
hes gay and mexican and stinks like beans and dirt
by Travis. D April 22, 2005