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1. someone who is obese, really gay, and dyes their hair with various colors homosexuals would do if they had some time on their hands (which they do cuz their fucking fags)

2. someone who acts really homo but doesn't mean it, masterbates to random ass porn, and bust nuts on the same rag and gives it to their little sibling on their birthday and tells them its a frosting flavored napkin and steals it back from them to bust more nuts eventually. (see GAY FOR TODAY)

3. someone who wears baggy ass clothes with cum stains partially around them all ripped up and acts gay when wearing them

Mario: happy birthday Vakesha!

Vakesha: thanks, mario! its my 8th birthday! got a present for me?

Mario: hold on...*ruffles through pocket* HERE!

Vakesha: *sniff* eeewwwwww! smells like spit and sugar, Mario!

Mario: .....keep it. it's a frosting flavored napkin....*under breath: shit, i gotta get that back...*

Vakesha: thanks, Mario!



Mario: Hello?

Vakesha: Mario, my mommy is mad at you!

Mario: Why? The hell did i do?

Vakesha: My mommy ran out of tampons so she started to use rags she found around the house and found the one i got from you on my birthday and....


Mario: dammn....hope he doesn't name her kid Mario too...otherwise...HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE HEEE *SNORTS* HEE HEE HEE! im such a fucking fag bag BUT I...AM...NOT...A...QUEERFUCK! NYUK NYUK NYUK!!! fag bag queerfuck
by Deep Fried Vagina January 20, 2009
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