commonly used in parts of western canada and various parts of western europe. 1. used most commonly when playing or splashing in any type of water from sea water to freshwater. 2. A general expression expressing happiness when entering a refreshing state, used by young and old.
"This is the saltiest fa-fa ever, but I like" Johnson exclaimed.
by Matt Parenteau September 19, 2006
Top Definition
The absolute strongest, wisest and most powerful man in the entire world. There is a 100% chance that he WILL beat you in every aspect of life.
"kill-fafa" is the worldest greatest oxymoron because the are to complete opposites, (that task is also physically impossible.
by March 31, 2009
A gay term to call someone a boyfriend or hot.

Derived from word "papa", what prostitutes call their sugar daddies, and what homosexuals call their boyfriends or any hottie they wanna bone.

It is also used by screaming teenyboppers to call their idols.

It's a term usually used here in the Philippines.
Ow my gas!1!!!1 Jericho is a hot fafa!
by Pleakley March 26, 2005
Noun or verb

Fucking annoying fat ass.

A term for someone who constantly believes they are right in all matters and cannot resist the urge to stuff his/her face at any opportunity. Also cannot resist any opportunity in which he/she may appear the hero or glorified in some manner.
Fafa won't recognize the fact that the sun rises from the east because she eats every morning facing west and she insists she can see the sun.

Wow, Erin is such a fafa with her 7/11 sushi.

Fafa saw the car get hit so she ran over without turning off her car or parking it and tried to save the woman.
by beasttamer May 19, 2009
in new jersey,a fat person. someone over weight. "code f" means a fafa and/or group of fafa's is approaching.
That bitch samantha is a fafa and a half.
by natalie (= December 28, 2007
Cute French Mexican girl. Her skin tone resembles that of an almond coco butter appearance.
My girlfriend is a fafa! Ah!

I went down to tj last night and saw this fafa hit'n up the dance floor.

Note: A little Fafa is a "Fafita".
by riot_love April 27, 2007
small divet under one's nose.
Danny's Fafa was soft after he shaved.
by Steve December 02, 2003
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