1. A method of spelling "fail," if only to be a smartass to prove the utter fail of the situation by spelling the word wrong.
The Corvette found its windshield decorated with FAEL after it rolled backwards down the hill due to its lack of an emergency brake.
by |<tea May 25, 2010
Top Definition
A term used to describe an individual who by nature is appalling in his or her demeanor. This person might inherintly be awful, or can take on this description by engaging in grossly pathetic acts of awfulness. Fael is derived from the word Foul and can be pronounced as such "Fa-eel".
"Dude I can't believe you wasted your Saturday hungover on the couch. You are so fael!"

"Did you really just super size your Number 7 with curly fries from Jack in the Box? That is so fael."
by Meloneza April 09, 2009
A term that is used to describe a person, action, or situation that is extremely pathetic and/or awful. This term illustrates the look on your face when you are helplessly hungover on the couch with froey hair and glasses on eating a box of cheezits because you can't hold anything else down. Or it perfectly puts into words the awfulness of your roomate when he claims to be going on a diet, but that diet turns out to be Chicken Fajita Pita's and curly fries instead of a burger.
"Mel, you're so fael, all you do is get high, eat J-Bo and watch Grandma's Boy"

"Dude, last night you came home from James Beach with that Divorcee, you're so fael!"

foul awful appalling pestilent
by jsteed April 25, 2009
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