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An extremely versatile hard dance DJ.
Teamed up with Digital Mizchief forming the BioToxic Twins, they spin a unique style that is rarely seen with most other DJ's. Rated top among the top in Virginia they are known for having a serious and insane attitude in the electronic music community.
Fadeliss not only mixes, he also produces his own tracks. Fadeliss's original compositions are what make him unique among other DJ's and because of this will never run out of new material. DJ Fadeliss never spins the same mix twice, every show is different and unique.
Fadeliss also does digital recordings, and Live Band Mixing.
DJ Fadeliss was born in Las Vegas Nevada
and is often called Vegas.
Fadeliss's real name is Andrew Rana.
He has had the benefit of living on both the West and East coast, he was raised in California, and currently resides in Virginia.
by Andrew Rana October 26, 2008
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