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A very nasty thing to call someone. If you call someone a "fadedguy" then that person must be a douchebag. Actually hes not even a douchebag he is more then a douchebag he is a fadedguy. It is one step higher. A Fadedguy also talks in a very patronizing and condescending manner.
Wife : sweetie do you think you can take out the trash?

Husband: (talking in a condescending manner) yea im pretty sure i can take out the trash.

Wife: your acting like a total fadedguy today jesus christ.
by Froxyy January 11, 2010
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a consumer of Remy Martin and Chronic simultaneously
Adonis Chills was a faded guy at Maggies Pub.
by Kurt Loder April 14, 2003

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