Quietly disappearing from someone you've met on an online dating site.
After their third boring date, Jed decided to pull a fadeaway on Jennifer.
by J.P. Hunter September 15, 2008
Top Definition
BASKETBALL::::: A jump shot taken while the player's body is moving away from the basket.
spectators: oh what a fadeaway
by relaxo May 28, 2005
a shot made in basketball where the player steps or jumps back as the ball is released
mad fadeaway!!!
by stephy February 20, 2004
When someone was as one point very popular and then not do anything or go anywhere. Latter nobody will notice then on the hallways or on the streets.
Do you remember Blake

Yea, I think
Yea what a fade away
by fade awya April 08, 2015
When a womens nipples do not have a defined ending and fade away into the rest of the breast.
Artemis: Nick how was the rest of your night last night?

Nick: Well after I brought her home last night, I went for the nipple lick and found my self not knowing where to stop because of her fade aways.
by Ron Coobie February 23, 2009
a popular fight move that came from Queens New York. The person punches than steps back to watch his opponent fall.
you missed it, i just gave homie a fade away
by fade away April 23, 2010
when a freind takes a dump in a taco bell bag and sticks it with out the bag into a neibors mail box and leaves it to rot for two days while fermenting it in the hot ass sun.
1. man shantelll and dashiqui took one stank asS fadeaway in that guys mail box ----- NIGGA

2. That hoe too one huge ass shit and put it in her hand and threw it at me...bitch ass hoe called it a fadeaway...stupid ass nigga
by john trost May 28, 2006
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