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A female who, after being seduced, is willing to have sexual intercourse in a factory.

Derived from Brittany Murphy getting nailed by Eminem in the factory in the movie 8 Mile.

First coined by Baz in the Woodville in Cardiff
Baz: She looks like a factory girl

Tim: What do you mean? She looks like a skank

Baz: Yeah, but I bet I could bang her in a factory
by Baz Tek April 28, 2010
A mediocre looking woman; when you work in a prodominatly male environment, with a couple of butch dykes.

Originally coined by "Kesh" a low level public servant drone in Canada.

See also "prison bitch"
Me: "Ya she's smokin"

Kesh: "Nah, she is just a 'factory girl', if you saw her at a club, you wouldn't touch that ass"
by Claudine Gauthier October 26, 2007
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