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When a girl post wax or shave, gets acne like symptoms on the Vaginal area. Combines the words 'Fanny' and 'Acne'
Celeste went to Wax on, Wax off instead of the regular Ella Bache and got hectic facne
by Darbro September 21, 2012
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On Facebook: Condition when one has to sift through multiple status updates from ONE annoying facebook friend that one has to sift through with a fine tooth comb just to be able to read other poeples' status updates.
Sorry Andrea I didn't see your update, i got "Facne". Jim is updating his facebook status every 2.5 mins with song lyrics while he works.
by jm7197 April 20, 2009
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Combination of the words "food" and "acne." Describes the food stains on somebody's face after eating something messy, giving a zit-like appearance on their chin. Usually, the person has no idea.
Hey, check out the facne on that fatass in the corner...what a pig.
by mr derp June 10, 2006
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Acne that occurs in a fat person's crevices.
As the feeder spread his 600lb gf's legs you could see the rash of facne in-between her rolls of fat.
by Unladylike January 19, 2011
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