People that a user accumulates on the website Facebook. Oftentimes, these are individuals the person does not know in real life, does not associate with outside of Facebook, and has only added for the benefit of having more friends.
Hey! Thanks for the add! I hope we can be the best of Facies :)
by RitaDeDelario January 19, 2009
Top Definition
Taking a picture of ones self, usually by camera phone, to be uploaded to some social media service, but referring to it as a "facie" just to piss off your teen-age daughter.
Look Addy! I just uploaded a facie!
by ReginaldRegneir November 19, 2013
A term used by someone, usually a bit older ie Dolores Rhoads, who can't remember the term selfie.
Did you see that facie your daughter posted on instagram? It's so cute.
by Diviniti August 05, 2014
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