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The first Friday in February is known as Facial Friday where you dump your gunk on your partners face.

Everyone knows about Valentine’s Day (Feb 14) and Steak & BJ day (March 14) has taken off over the past few years.

Now, a new holiday has emerged to help us get over the winter doldrums.

Give your partner a facial and we are not talking about at the salon.


Although its early origins are not verified, most believe this gained momentum in 2008 which Friday, was on February, First. (Although it applies to the first Friday in February, when that Friday falls on the first it is even more special.)

The wish was that by Friday, Feb, First, 2013 it will be widespread and as popular as other holidays in adult circles.

Others feel it started with a similar intent, but as far back as 1985 when facials started becoming popular in the porn industry.

Some say it goes even further back to the early 1900’s when mud was not readily available in the winter so women had to use alternate sources of face nutrients.

In any case cum join the party and be part of the forging of a new tradition; give your partner a facial today (just for practice).
Sue got a Facial yesterday as part of Facial Friday.
Her and Steve celebrate that tradition every year.
by Jam Scam February 03, 2012
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