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Facha/Fachero/Fachera: Typically used in the southern cone Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay. Facha means one's appearance or aspect. The way they appear to be. Strictly the way you percieve someone at a glance. Shallow
Aspecto exterior, traza:
!Que puta, atende la facha de esa tipa!
?Que es tu facha?
Ese tipo se hace del fachero
Me encanta la facha de esa cumbiera
by Randyy June 13, 2008
Short for facsist, in Spain (country that sufferd much from fascist governments in the XXth century) this is a derogatory term to designate people with authoritarian and nationalist tendencies.
Ese tio es un facha! votó por LePen en Francia.
by grishna mukti I March 12, 2006
vagina, pussy, pune, cunt
C'mon babe, let me see yo' fa cha
by mike hunt February 14, 2005
o0o yea i was right!!! (fachaaaa!!!)
Person: oh yeah your right
by google January 11, 2005

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