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E-mail that you don't want to read because it's just notifications from Facebook but you have to otherwise you'll keep thinking you have important unread email.
Person 1: Whoa dude you have a lot of contacts.
Person 2: No it's just Facespam.
Person 1: Oh. That sucks.
Person 2: Dude! My girlfriend broke up with me via Facespam!
Person 1: Oh, damn it...are you Mark Zuckerburg in disguise?
by aman13 January 21, 2011
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A type of Facebook application which prompts you to invite or add more friends in order to use the application or view quiz results.

When a friend on your list chooses you as one of their 15 (out of 300) friends that will enable them to use this application.

If it is not contained; it may spread and cause the demise of Facebook.
P1 - "I hate facespam! Now I will never know `what dog I should own!`"
P2 - "I know exactly what you mean! I get Facespamed by this girl I knew in grade two all the time!"
P3 - "Really? Send them to me I want to get rid of a few people on my list! I will facespam them to Death!"
*... awkward pause...*
P3 - "Too far?"
P1+P2 - "Beyond."

by LilMissHousewife January 30, 2008
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A notorious group of organized criminals known for their tyrannical and mischievous Facebook mannerism. Similar to the Mafia, Traids and Yakuza but on Facebook.
Yeah Facespam just murked my picture I got 1337 notifications when i got home.
by Creepah Joe December 03, 2008
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