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1. Thought of while my bf was playing Call of Duty and had a want to snipe people in the face and nowhere else. I said that's what she said and thus the real meaning of Face Shooter "came"

2. A guy who wants to shoot, nowhere but onto his gf or bf's face. If ya know what I mean ;)
Mary: I can't believe he did that to your face again

Jane (victim): Meh. He's a damn Face Shooter.

Mary: Wipe it off...
by CaliQueen August 31, 2012
AKA "Texas Faceshooter," "Old-fashioned Texas Faceshooter." A cocktail made up of one part vodka, two parts club soda. Usually served with a twist. Traditionally, Faceshooters are served in multiples of four.
"Jim and I were going to pick him up at the airport, but we just ordered eight more Faceshooters and watched the last inning."
by Jah Stripmall September 04, 2007