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AKA "Texas Faceshooter," "Old-fashioned Texas Faceshooter." A cocktail made up of one part vodka, two parts club soda. Usually served with a twist. Traditionally, Faceshooters are served in multiples of four.
"Jim and I were going to pick him up at the airport, but we just ordered eight more Faceshooters and watched the last inning."
by Jah Stripmall September 04, 2007
1. Thought of while my bf was playing Call of Duty and had a want to snipe people in the face and nowhere else. I said that's what she said and thus the real meaning of Face Shooter "came"

2. A guy who wants to shoot, nowhere but onto his gf or bf's face. If ya know what I mean ;)
Mary: I can't believe he did that to your face again

Jane (victim): Meh. He's a damn Face Shooter.

Mary: Wipe it off...
by CaliQueen August 31, 2012
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