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When a girl totally messes up her face with way too much make up, piercings etc.
guy: Look at that girl, what a total waste of a face
other guy: facerape..
by Berendonder June 11, 2009
The act of one or both drunks in a bar consistently making out for hours. No matter what song or situation, they continue to make out through the confusion. Through beer breath and goggles, the two continue to be joined at the tongue.
Dinger was blacked out last night and faceraped that girl all night long. His tongue must be sore because that was a three hour workout.
by Boonville All Star May 11, 2009
A term used to describe the act of when a person leaves many unwanted/unnecessary comments and or 'likes' on anothers Facebook wall or pictures to the extent that it becomes creepy. Typically done by a new boyfriend/girlfriend or someone that is merely an acquaintance.

If done on Myspace, can also be called "SpaceRape."
Chad keeps leaving comments on my facebook pictures about how sexy I am. Its bordering on FaceRape.
by Bigfoot_777 November 14, 2010
The act of getting pwned in the face by a sniper rifle. Can be used as a noun or verb.
I'm gonna need constructive surgery for the facerape I received today.
by ScoutSaysBonk July 18, 2009
when someone is kissed against their will and their entire mouth is violated
dude, my bf got faceraped, and now he has aiiiiiids
by Aloysha April 25, 2009

1. To utterly destroy someone or something against their will.

2. To uncontestedly own someone.
"The special-ed kid tried to play baseball today, and got faceraped when a line-drive hit him square in the nuts."

"We got totally faceraped in halo today, I think I only had one kill...."
by Venkman October 31, 2006
A violent attack performed by a man in which a face is fucked against the will of the person who's face is being fucked
Get the fuck away from me before I facerape you
by Annihalation January 09, 2009