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Dramatic dialogue carried out on facebook wall-to-walls. Onlookers watch raptly as though it were a telenovela (Spanish soap opera). Often the drama on the wall-to-wall is as preposterous and fast paced as that on the real telenovelas.
Ahora! Te presentamos la facenovela de los amantes: Dominique y Jason

Dominique to Jason 10:03 pm:

I don't want to hear it! I can't stand it anymore! We're so over.

10:03 pm: Dominique is no longer in a relationship.

Dominique's status, 10:04 pm: Doesn't understand why people who supposedly love her treat her so badly.

Jason to Dominique 10:04 pm:
Fine, I don't love you either. I want a bomb to land on your college.

Jason's status 10:05 pm: Jason has made 3 mistakes in the last 3 minutes. He needs to start treating people better.

Jason to Dominique 10:05 pm: I love you, pookie.

10:06 Dominique is now in a relationship.

Tune in next week for la facenovela de los amantes: Dominique y Jason

by freelove36 May 21, 2009
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