To touch up on, fix up; usually after prolonged neglected use
Hey I think its time you give you myspace a well-needed face lift!
by *Brendan Hottie* January 29, 2008
plastic surgery on the face
A plastic surgery face lift can reverse these obvious signs of aging and give you back decades.
by kekik March 12, 2006
To remove someone as a friend from your FaceBook. Usually a one sided, spontaneous act done out of anger or extreme hurt. Sometimes done by someone trying to hide from their past. The facelifter will go on to regret the action.
Girl: Did you know that Joe and Mary were together at the malt shop on Friday after school?

Boy: No. Mary gave me my letter sweater back, so I Facelifted her.
by S_Cordiner February 03, 2010
facelift or creampie is where one jizzes in anothers face while sleeping on fully awake
kabe:haha hell yea whatch this "plat plat"
duffy:ewww gross all over my face
kabe:ha yea i just gave you a facelift
by gotier boy June 30, 2009

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