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Using Facebook whilst driving, usually in violation of state or local laws and with total disregard of the safety of yourself and others.
Is that nigga Tyrell facedriving again?

Timmy was charged with vehicular manslaughter after running over six children while facedriving.
by mikehasacat November 11, 2010
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Similar to that of drink driving, but driving whilst using facebook. Face-driving is becoming more common in today's society and is hard to enforce especially when you have a good reason to be on facebook while driving making it hard for police to do anything at all as they do it themselves and completely understand you must constantly check status updates regardless to avoid becoming a social hermit. It's just the way things are these days.
I was driving home from work today when i caused a four car pile-up on the motorway.

Police: "It appears you caused this accident, can you give any reason as to why this happened?"

Me: "I was face-driving"

Police: "Oh...well um...bad boy. Don't crash again"

Me: "Meh"
by aussie type of guy April 06, 2011
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