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Abreviation for "Facebook Dog".
Side-effect from the impossibility to "Appear offline" on the facebook chat.
The interesting and/or good looking persons you would be interested in chatting with get chased away by the Facedogs, who remain themselves connected 24/7.
Man1 "I tried to see if Julia was connected the other night. It took me 30 minutes, 10 'I have to go to bed', and a fake disconnection to get Mark off my boots!"
Man2 "What a Facedog!"
by Mirendil February 09, 2010
A name pertaining to a person who particularly has the dog of a face. The dog itself is the face and is one but the face. At times the face may be a dog.
Call me face but no call me dog, facedog
Call me face but no call me dog, facedog
cause one man can not be named dog and face, facedog
by Jim Brewer April 01, 2008

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