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Someone/something has just made a fool of you. You have been rejected and/or insulted.

It is the ghetto term for "egg on my/your face"
Jessica: Hey look Amber there comes your ex Bobby!
*Bobby looks at Amber and walks away*
Jessica: Damm facedirty
Amber: :'(
by Babbymoma August 06, 2010
Verb - to face dirty someone
1. To insult someone personally, Usually by disclosing information in public, which they do not wish to be known.

Adverb - to be face dirty
2. Calling someone "Face Dirty" mean's that they have dissed someone, and you generally disapprove.

Guy: I heard she sucked 4 d**ks in ONE NIGHT.
Girl: WHAT!?!
Spectator: OOOHHHH face dirtyyyy.


Girl: Hahaha he thinks he's so good, but he sucks at every sport! He's black, but can't even play basketball!
Spectator: Damn! She's a haterrr! You so face dirty!!
by Problem212 October 15, 2010
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