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Being so bored you resort to:
1. Refreshing the homepage on Facebook multiple times in the hopes that something interesting will come up.
2. Stalking someone on Facebook
3. Liking random pages
4. Staring at the Facebook homepage
There was nothing to do around the house so I went on Facebook. I clicked on the homepage link multiple times, but nothing interesting was going on. I was suffering from severe Faceboredom.
by Kiarii January 12, 2011
FACEBOREDOM: (fays-bohr-duhm) – Noun: the state of being bored whilst on facebook - Origin: 2009 - Synonyms: facedullness - Antonyms: facecitement, facemusement.
The faceboredom kicked in last week when nothing new was haoppening
by Pr1nce February 03, 2010