Giving up on reading a Facebook Status because it gets too long or is just plain boring.
John - I got Facebored reading Sara's status the other day that shit was longer than a fucking book!

Paul - Same shit happened to me bro...
by TerriblyAwkward August 15, 2011
Top Definition

Face·Bored {Feys-bord}
1. to be stay on Facebook for a great quantity of time, waiting for a "photo comment" or for a friend's new "Profile Pic" to be uploaded.

2. to change your Facebook status to something nobody wants to know such as, "just woke up," or "going to sleep."

3. to have back and forth conversations with another person, (who is usually Facebored as well.)
1. "I am so facebored that I refreshed my Facebook page ten times in the last thirty seconds."

2. "This guy just posted that he is going to sleep on his Facebook wall. He must be very facebored."
by Eye-van Cal-eh-gary August 03, 2009
To be so unbelievably bored that not even Facebook can entertain you.
Dude, I was so facebored last night that I got on MySpace!
by mountainfire July 27, 2008
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