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the act of posting fabulous pictures of yourself and others to make your nemesis jealous and think you are living an absolutely taggable life
"did you see her new pictures!? i cant belive shes hanging out wiht them!"

"ya- Now its an all out facebook war!"
by Bannie July 22, 2008
10 16
The partaking or observing a heated cyber argument on someone's facebook wall. Usually results in one of the parties involved getting their ass beat at a party by the other people involved.
Katelynne shouldnt have started shit over facebook, thats why she got her ass beat by Krista. Thats a FaceBook War.
by T_G_Nukkah January 25, 2010
28 13
What couples can get into with post over the bulletin board on Facebook.
Look at Sallys Facebook post. She must be in a Facebook war with Jim.
by Baker_balls December 05, 2010
5 1
When two people are not friends on Facebook, yet they take stabs at each other through their status updates, making them public for the other party to see.
Facebook Wars:

Mary Smith: Really hates when people like YOU stalk my page, get a life and quit stalking mine!

Jane Doe: Your life is not THAT interesting for me to stalk, get over yourself!
by Laughing at Everyone January 11, 2012
2 0