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Being able to succeed at tending a farm, running a mafia, and building a city all while creating a page that displays your hundreds of friends (you're so popular) and uniqueness by "liking" and displaying pictures, songs, events, quotes and statuses that thousands and sometimes millions of other people like as well
I was looking at my sisters Facebook page the other day and boy was I impressed. She reached level 200 on Farmville, has 200,000 people in her mafia, created and owns the biggest city on Cityville, has more than 5,000 friends, likes all the same things as everybody else and copies and pastes every major status update in the world. Now that's not just smart, that's Facebook smart.
by Pooeyscooter July 16, 2011
an assessment of someone's intelligence based on the statuses and comments they contribute on facebook. This takes into account spelling, grammar and punctuation. Also, depth of topic and tone can be considered.
I am surprised that Sally only got a 900 on her SAT's! I always thought she was smart. Well, at least, facebook smart.
by jayson j June 13, 2010
Knowing the ins and outs of facebook. Being able to see facebook spam coming a mile away. Knowing how to properly deal with what ever comes along in facebook.
Finuke has Facebook Smarts, he is no longer fooled by Facebook spammers.
by FINUKE May 03, 2011
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