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If you get a friends request on Facebook and you do not accept or reject it for an extended period of time, even though you log onto Facebook frequently, the interim time period is called Facebook purgatory.

Can be done, for example, if you do not quite know somebody well enough to friend them, but think you will in the future. At least, that's why GUYS do it.

Note that this is not quite the same as Facebook limbo; purgatory is temporary (the person might be cool) and limbo is permanent (and thereby reserved for asshats, douchebags, and so forth). Also, it does not count if the recipient of the friends request only checks Facebook once a month or so, since it was not intentional.
That one girl in Russian class kept me in Facebook purgatory for two months before finally accepting. Slap me silly if I know WHY... I mean, she was talking to me just about every day for the whole damn year...
by BGMan July 22, 2008
When the status of a friendship request is left without a response, neither accepted nor denied, therefore leaving the request in limbo between the two. Sometimes can work to avoid hard/awkward feelings from the requestor.
Yeah, im just gonna keep him in facebook purgatory until the end of time
by DubKing99 July 16, 2011
The area in facebook you let people who added you as a friend remain because you neither want to confirm nor ignore them.
My boss added me as a friend on facebook but I have him in facebook purgatory because if I friend him he'll be up my ass and if I ignore him, he'll fire me.

Sheila's in facebook purgatory because I don't want to piss her off until after she gives me the $20 she owes me.
by sole sista February 09, 2010
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