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Signs of a facebook female ho:

-Adds a bunch of unknown guys to profile.
-Only puts sexual, attention wanting pictures up.
-Talks to every unknown guy!
-Thinks she is the shit because a bunch of horny boys that don't know her want her.
-She perceives herself, completely different on facebook, than how she is and looks in real life.
-She only wants GUYS attention on her facebook.
-Deletes any post from girls off her facebook.
-Deletes any comment from anyone that points out she does too much on fb for attention.
Likes a TBH status from a girl.. girl post it.. she deletes it right after because she is a facebook female ho..

If fat she hides her stomach because she wants to be a facebook female ho!

If skinny she tries to make her boobs as big as possible and takes pictures intentionally to show off her ass so it is easier to be a facebook female ho.

Deletes any type of comment or post that tries to call her out.
by The noticer! December 29, 2011