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Facebook duty is

1: an individual who call off of work claiming illness or some other personal issues but is caught posting on facebook stating to the effects of " skipped out on work to go take my gf to McDonalds".

2: an individual who signs up for a tour in the armed forces reserve and is caught spending all most all his alleged time while on reserve duty pulling facebook duty.

3: an individual that calls off all appointments with friends and family just so he/she can play games and wax thier Epeen on facebook.
Friend 1:Did you hear andy got busted pulling facebook duty..

Friend 2: Yea well if he wouldnt post on facebook every hour that wouldnt of happened.

friend 1: Of course when you tell the boss that you would go hang out with them but you noshow and get busted online playing farmville.
by jakiro79 March 12, 2011
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