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After being sickened by the masses' predictable reaction to events, addictively engrossed in endless links, photos and comments posted by others or just burned in a bad exchange, deciding to take a break from Facebook.
You get in a heated Facebook comment war with relatives about whether Osama Bin Laden's killing was justified or not, because you posted something suggesting that it was or was not. In reality, you'd rather just have your relatives be relatives, not political sparring partners. But since Facebook makes everything you post immediately available to your relatives, you are now in a comment war. Thus, you throw up your hands and go on a Facebook Vacation.
by amphibiant May 06, 2011
When you notice that you were on facebook 24-36 hours ago and no one has updated their status.
"What is going on here?" "I was on facebook like 2 days ago and the same status updates are on here even after I click the new feeds button!" "Everyone must be on a Facebook Vacation."
by Jgutta319 April 29, 2010
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