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When someone post a status on Facebook that is very open ended or mysterious in the hopes of getting people to comment on their post. It is often used to gain sympathy from the posters friends.
Facebook status: "Kim is wondering if it's even worth it anymore."

Comment 1: "Hang in there things will get better I promise."
Comment 2: "It's always worth it."

Observer 1: Thats totally bait for Facebook Fishing.
Observer 2: Yeah she does that all the time to get attention.
by Cujo1809 August 28, 2009
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The act of articulating a Facebook status update in which one's true intention is to see how many "likes" or comments he/she can receive. This is usually done by individuals with, but is not limited to, low self-esteem, boredom, and/or a feeling of little self-worth.
Girl #1: Did you see Casey's Facebook status?

Girl #2: No, was it desperate?

Girl #1: Yeah--she was totally Facebook fishing.
by Bambi Burgundy December 29, 2010
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An inflammatory post, usually political or religious in nature, that you do not necessarily agree with but you are fishing for outrageous responses from your varied group of friends. Best done after a few drinks and after 11:30 pm. The enjoyment usually comes when you wake up to see the whale of a facebook comment mess you created when you've alienated and pissed off most of the people you know.

Choosing the proper lure can be challenging but pick something that even the most politically neutral will take offense to.

Happy fishing.
I was facebook fishing last night so I posted this: "So 49% of america voted for McCain and 51% voted for Black Bush. Sounds like the same old song and dance to me. Preventative attacks to stop people from dying by killing others in foreign lands. Yep. Great plan."
by The Minnow March 28, 2011
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