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When you find some guy/girl that take good looking pictures, and then friend them so you can get to know them; and then when you meet them in person they look like hell on a face and don't look nothing like their pics.
Chris: Yo wats up with that fine chick you found yall kicking it or what.
Brian: I had to drop her because she was only facebook fine?
#facebook #fine #cute #ugly #nasty
by J_MONEY_FLEXXIN November 12, 2011
F.I.N.E: fucked up, insecure, neurotic, emotional (see 'F.I.N.E.' by Aerosmith)

That annoying person you can't stand, who one or more of your friends, is still friends with on Facebook.

You can't really tell your friends who they can and can't be friends with, and so you eventually are force to use "block person" so you don't have to read all their stupid, annoying comments anymore.
* Status* Jane is making pork chops for dinner.

Bob: Yum.
Kim: Cool!
Bob: Yeah, real "cool". She's making pork chops. That's a big, huge deal.
Kim: Oh shut up. I honestly have no idea why Jane keeps you around as a friend in real life, or here. You're nothing but FacebooFINE to me.
Kim: Stop it. Both of you. You're both my friends.

* Kim uses "block person" on Bob, who is noting more than FacebookFINE.
#fine #facebook #annoying #friends #annoying facebook friends #block person
by deliveryxps September 06, 2009
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