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Facebook FIFA. You and a couple of friends go round to a friend's house. You take turns playing 1 v 1. Before starting the game you must decide on a person who you will send a message to, from the person that loses the FIFA game's account. The idea is to win as many FIFA games as possible so you don't get FACEBOOK FIFA'D.
O: Yo man let's play some FIFA 11
Jasper: nah man it's boring, let's play Facebook FIFA!
O: How do you play that?
Jasper: You play someone a game of FIFA 11 and if you lose they get to send any message to the person you agreed on before the game..
O: yes!!! let's play it!
#facebook #fifa #funny #frape #fraped #frapage #facefuck #failbook
by oliver91 December 06, 2010
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