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A "friend" on facebook whom you added after meeting for a brief period of time. A friend of a friend of a friend, someone you met at a bar, or just a random acquaintance who happened to add you. You rarely, if ever speak to this person.
"Why are 90% of my friends Facebook friends? Who the hell is (XXX)?"

"Who is (XXX)? Oh yeah, I talked to her once at the bar... great, another Facebook "friend""

A: "Who's this (XXX) person? I think talked to her once in my Biology 302 class."
B: "Bam, Facebook "friend!""
by SimpsonsFanatic August 07, 2009
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A person you have met once, goes to your school or has a close relationship with you.
Most Facebook friends are people you aren't really friends with and are just people who go to your school and you've found by typing in school name and adding everyone as a "friend".
If you have 600+ Facebook friends, seriously, think about removing some.
Some bitchy sluttish girls tell you every day you need to improve Facebook friend numbers to make you more popular, especially if you are a boy.
Wow! I have 572 friends! Wait, who the f*ck is (INSERT NAME)? Oh yeah, they go to my school! What about (INSERT NAME)? Oh yeah! I met them once in the shopping mall! Oooh! Someone I know through Dad! I'll add them as a Facebook "Friend".
by Alexander_Banks June 01, 2011
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