When someone uses Facebook as their personal blog. It can go either of two directions.

* The faceblogger can post several, very short, status messages within seconds or minutes of each other, describing in nauseating detail, their extremely boring and mundaine life, because they basically have nothing better to talk about, but still want the world to notice them, so that they feel better about themselves.


* The faceblogger can post extremely LONG status messages, often containing the lyrics to an entire song, or telling their life story one whoe day at a time, again, with nauseating detail, trying to make their boring, mundaine life seem way more exciting than it actually is.

Nobody is really sure which is worse; case A or case B. Both are so annoying, that many people tend to either "unfriend" or even block these people.
Ex. A: OMG ! I wish John would stop Faceblogging ! Nobody wants to waste their time reading the lyrics to every song he's listening to.

Ex. B: WTF is wrong with people Faceblogging about their cats every 5 minutes? Nobody gives a Fk about your cats !

Ex. C: I wish John and Jane would get back together. I'm so sick of them both Faceblogging about their stupid break up. You know they'll be back together tomorrow.
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by Kill_All_The_Facetardz February 06, 2013
Top Definition
Pretty much when somebody treats the online social networking site Facebook as a blog. The Faceblogger really doesn't understand the fact that Facebook's purpose is to keep in touch with friends, not to constantly update their status about how boring their day was and then how much they love their boyfriend/girlfriend.
Unfortunately most Facebloggers tend to be female, with the exception of some totally narcissistic, self centered, "My life is important", males who just want everybody to know how awesome that 10 person party they threw in their basement was.
Facebloggers are annoying, if you look at their profiles all you will see is posts from them, as it's obvious no one wants to talk to them. They also tend to use poor grammar at first but then learn that the more legible they write, the easier it is for people to read about their useless lives.
Annoying female post #1 10:52 PM: "Ugh, can life get any worse?? Work in the morning" (Normal post, nothing unusual)

Annoying Female Post #2 10:54 PM: "Lol, watching scrubs reruns" (Yes, same person, different post. Both within 2 minutes of each other"

AFP #3 11:00 PM: "I FUCKING HATE MY LIFE. Fuck you, you're all bastards and I fucking hate you ALL" (Notice how bipolar the Faceblogger is, they do NOT know how to handle their feelings)

AFP #4 11:04 PM "And after allllllll, you're my wonder walllllllllllllllll, love yah johnny" (Now they seem to have completley forgotten what upset them 4 minutes before and they are now quoting the only song by Oasis they know and is exclaiming their love to their boyfriend whom they have been dating for a week)

AFP #19 11:30 PM "AHHHHH, I LOVE CREED." (They tend not to listen to good music)

You now know what the enemy is, if you have a Faceblogger or person who is Faceblogging on your Facebook, KILL IT.
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by IHateBloggers September 21, 2009
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