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A Word Used By The Hillbilly Family, Means Jerk, Retard, Idiot, Or A Person Who Is Overall Annoying:]
Use It Often, For It Is The Coolest Word In The World.!
"Wow, Robert's Such A Facehole.!"
"I Knoww, He Eats Children."
"Ugh Yeah, A Total Facehole"

by LoveLikeWoe.!<3 February 03, 2011
3 3
The hole right in between your eyes, if you don't have one, I'd be glad to make one for you.
I'll stab you in the freakin' FACE HOLE
by Snarling Donut January 31, 2009
5 5
Hole in face (Mouth) for sucking cock (on bitch hopefully)
My hoe swarmed my cock with her face hole last night.
by Jason Pogany April 22, 2010
2 4
A wonderful app that helps insecure ugly people trick people into thinking they are hot
Fuck I met this girl online, but she harsh facehole'd me.. her pic was so hot...but she was just a fat COW
by Dr killbot October 06, 2011
2 8
What is left after you have been punched in the face.
The hole in your face once you've been smashed.
"Jaime punched me in the face, now all that I have left is a facehole."
by DGZDomino October 21, 2006
0 6
The person is not only an asshole, but an assface as well.
You're driving and some idiot cuts you off without signalling. "Fucking facehole!"
by Mr Facehole Himself April 20, 2006
4 11
Someone who has an incredibly uglu ass face and talks out of their ass ,hence facehole.
You are the biggest fucking facehole I have ever seen.
by Suck my balls you facehole March 24, 2005
4 11